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10 July 2014

New Project with Don Koch

What a productive and exciting time co-writing again with 6 time dove award winning producer, Don Koch. This will be our second project together. Working with Don always challenges me to become a better songwriter and he makes the writing process so enjoyable at the same time! Of course before each session, we have to start with Starbucks!… Venti skinny cinnamon latte..yum!! …decaf for me…
we both enjoy the mud! Then the process begins…

This project will contain mostly worship songs and one very special song we started writing last year that we decided to carry over onto this record. In 3 days we penned about 5 songs! He is just an amazingly talented man and I am blessed to have another opportunity to work with him. Well, I look forward to the next trip down to start recording. New record is on the way friends!

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